Mar 16, 2018

Here Is How To Make Your Mac To Automatically Empty Files That Have Been In The Trash For 30 Days

I don't know about you, but for me, I oftens forgot to empty the dump items into the Trash on a regular basis on my Mac. Sure enough, valuable storage space can be wasted as it just sits there and does nothing productive. Thankfully, macOS systems include a feature which allow the trash to automatically empty itself after 30 days. Here is how to enable it.
  1. Go to the Finder and Choose “Preferences” in the menu bar.
  2. Go to the “Advanced” tab and check for “Remove items from the Trash after 30 days”
  3. And that's it!
Image Credit The Mac Observer

So sample isn't it? But you should know that the feature will only supports on macOS Sierra 10.12 or newer, earlier versions of Mac OS do not have the ability to automatically remove items from the trash can. And of course, you can still manually empty the trash as well.

What if some files that are locked and you can not erase with it? Firstly, press and hold the mouse button on the Trash icon in the Dock, click and hold on the "Option" key, and select Empty Trash from the context menu for Trash, then release the key. Any questions?

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