Here Is How To Make Your iOS Devices' Speaker Louder With EQ Settings

The iPhone usually comes with a built-in loudspeaker which is enough to fulfill your sound necessaries. However, if you want your iPhone speaker to sound even louder or looking to increase the maximum sound strength of your iPhone, then you'll need to try this tip.
  1. Tap on the Music app on your Home screen and play some music (with loudest volume).
  2. Open the Settings app on any iPhone, iPad, and iTouch devices.
  3. Go to "Music" settings, then click on the “EQ” settings in Music section
  4. Choose the "Late Night ” or the "Loudness" EQ settings to choose which better for you.
  5. After these settings have changed, you should tell the differences

The Late Night EQ and Loudness EQ setting sounds louder, and without having to purchase an external speaker or other audio output source. It is worth to mention here even though these settings are favorable in many situations but also have limitations, and it often does not sound as good as the other EQ settings tuned to specific music genres.

If you still running problems with the sound wasn't loud enough, you should check to see if you set a maximum volume limit in iOS Music at some point in time. Thus the best solution to the issue is to get a nice get of external speakers or a Bluetooth stereo

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