Mar 4, 2018

Here Is How To Set An Unique Ringtone For The VIP Email Senders On Your iOS Devices

Managing slews of email can be one of the most challenging things of your days, but thanks to the help of VIP lists you now can through some of the nonsense by simply having defined persons get precedence over others. However, the VIP alert tone is set as default by other regular emails that you received, so here's how to set a unique ringtone to tell them apart.

Image Credit PCWorld
  1. Open Settings app on your iOS devices.
  2. Next up, go to Notifications, then select Mail.
  3. In Mail, choose VIP on the very bottom of the interface.
  4. Go to Sounds, and then click on any of the ringtones you want to use.
  5. By default, All emails are set Ring as the Alert tone.
In addition, you can also select different ringtones for your various email accounts (iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, etc). Next time you get an email on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a sender you have marked as VIP, you should hear the new unique notification alert sound, therefore, you will know it’s important.

Sure enough that VIP is a big help for managing your primary account, it will help separate junk emails. That way is also preventing your account from getting over-hauled distracting important stuff. Do you like the tip, let us know in the comment section below.

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