Mar 30, 2018

Here Is How To Make Email Messages' Preview More Viewable On Your iOS Devices

New email oftenly arrivals with display a small preview of the message itself on the iOS devices' Mail app, it shows the sender, the subject, and part of the email message body. By default, the Mail app allows you to preview just two lines of the message, but if you wants to see more, you can certainly do that. here is how!

  1. Going to the Settings app on your iOS devices' home Screen
  2. Next, scroll down and then choose the Mail section
  3. Once you are in the Mail section, click on the Preview
  4. And then you can select the lines of preview you want viewable.
  5. That's it
Perhaps you are the person like me get a lot of email from a variety of sources, but want more visible lines. When you see more lines, It sure makes easier to decide with a glance whether if you want to open a particular email, or just delete it. It sure help your life not complicated anymore!

At the same time, you can also set it so that no lines preview at all, as if you deeply cares your personal privacy. Do you like the tip? What tip do you want to share with us? Leave us a comment below.

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