Mar 26, 2018

Analyst Believed Second-Generation Of iPhone X And iPhone X Plus Will Starting At $899 and $999 Respectively

According to RBC Capital Markets analysts Amit Daryanani, who claimed that the upcoming second-generation of iPhone X and iPhone X Plus of starting price will be at $899 and $999 respectively in the United States, while the 6.1-inch LCD model will be priced at $799.

Daryanani predicts that due to the current iPhone X has experienced "limited success" with the cost of $999 and up, therefore, he believes that lowering the base price by $100 could reinvigorate sales of the 5.8-inch model, so the widely rumored 6.5-inch OLED models that dubbed as iPhone X Plus, would then make room for the $999 price point.

Image Credit Redmond Pie

That said, the strategy could totally make sense if iPhone X sales have slowed recently, as Apple raises its iPhone pricing, consumers could becoming less willing to spend as much on smartphones. But from the quarter earnings of 2Q 2018, it seems like the iPhone X was the key contributor on the record-breaking revenues.

Both KGI and Bloomberg believed that there will be three iPhones to be unveiled this year, including a successor to the iPhone X, a larger iPhone X model featured with 6.5-inch size of display, a low-priced LCD model that may lack 3D Touch the feature. Share your opinion about these rumors!

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