Mar 28, 2018

Just Press Record - An Apple Watch App That Let You Recording Audio And then Transcribe it Into Text

Few decades ago, let's just say you have watched an tv show called Star Trek, where these characters can recording audio in their wearable devices, and now with few watchOS apps, it will make you feel like you’re living in the sci-fi future telly promised us all. Today, we'll introduce an app that sure makes your life easier.

The app's called Just Press Record, which is kinda like a Voice Memos app on Apple Watch, however, when you dig a little deeper, especially once you start exploring the app on your iPhone, the app can do much more than Apple's Voice Memos app. Here's why!

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Well, first of all, when you tapping on the screen of your Apple Watch, it'll handily jumps right to recording, enabling you to start capturing audio within a second or two. Secondly, the app also has the ability to transcribe your recordings, where you couldn't do with the Voice Memos app on your iOS devices. Last but least, with watchOS 4, the app will record in the background, and you can temporarily pause with a downward swipe.

Furthermore, the recordings sync via iCloud, in other word, when you open the Just Press Record app on your iPhone, your recordings should already be there. Moreover, recordings are stored in the Watch tab, and can also be accessed by date, or by searching on for the words within them. If you are not happy with recording quality, you can use external mics and ramp up the recording quality from 44.1kHz AAC to 96kHz/24-bit audio.

It makes handy to record important conversations or lectures in school or college, and now with transcribe feature, for instance, if you conducted an amazing interview with someone about hedgehogs a month back, which is far simpler to search for the word than you trying to remember when the recording was made. Download the app here for $5

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