Apple Music Reached Its 40 Million Subscribers Milestone, Gained 2 Million In Just Three Weeks (Updated)

Apple Music has just passed its 40 million subscribers milestone, that is up from 38 million in which Eddy Cue said couple weeks ago, according to a Steven Huon's Tweet, who is the company's content director in France.

While Cue has revealed last month that there are 38 million Apple subscribers, he also says that over eight million customers that are currently taking advantage of Apple Music's free three-month trial period. Moreover, the iTunes chief said there're about two billion people in the world who could be subscribers of Apple Music.

The real opportunity for music — and it's not about Spotify or us or the labels, it's about artists — is how do they get their music to everyone around the world and how do they get compensated for that. We both have to grow by significant amounts in order to get to the numbers which it should.

Although Apple Music has reached its 40 million subscribers milestone, it's still far behind Spotify. As matter of fact, the Swedish company's announced in the first week of January that it had 70 million paying subscribers worldwide, and they are expect to have between 92M and 96M paid subscribers by the end of the year.

Update: According to a Eddy Cue' memo obtained by Variety, Apple Music has officially crosses 40 million paid subscribers mark across 115 countries. In additon, Cue also announced the promotion of Oliver Schusser to Apple's new head of Apple Music Worldwide, who previously worked as vice president of Apple Music and International Content

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