Apple Shares In Global Smartphone Shipments Slightly Increased, Yet The Smartphone Market Saw 2.4% - 2,9% Decline

Reports from research firms IDC and Strategy Analytics shows that iPhone accounted for about 15.5% of global smartphone shipments in the quarter, slightly higher than the 14.7% in the same period of last year, and all these data yesterday's earnings report Apple sold 52.2 million iPhones in the last quarter.

In contrast, Apple's biggest rival - Samsung, however, shipped 78.2 million smartphones last quarter, the South Korean based smartphone maker in the worldwide smartphone market grabbing 23.4% share despite experiencing a 2.4% decline from Q1 2017. Considering Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ launched March 16 in several countries, it didn't help the sales after all.

Other smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi has all seen strong growth, with Huawei climbed to a new market share high of 11.8%, while Xiaomi gained an impressive 87.8% growth. In the meantime, another Chinese smartphone vendor Oppo experienced a year-over-year decline of 7.5%, which they currently sat at fifth position.

In total, smartphone vendors shipped a total of 334.3 million units during the first quarter of 2018, resulting in decline of 2.4 - 2.9%, between them, the Chinese market was the biggest driver of the decline. "The global smartphone market has slowed down this year, due to longer replacement rates, diminishing carrier subsidies, and a lack of new hardware design innovation,” says Strategy Analytics

Image Credit IDC

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