TANT: Apple To Offer Subscriptions To Streaming Services For Its TV App, Replacement Batteries In Full Stock, And More

Top Apple News Today: 

Apple Plans To Offer Subscriptions To Select TV/Video Streaming Services: According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to allow users subscribe their favorite streaming services next year through its own stock TV app that's available on iOS and tvOS devices.

At present, the TV app includes content from Hulu, HBO Now, Crunchyroll, and video-on-demand apps for channels including ESPN, so these services could be Apple's target that to offer the TV app subscription options. By doing this, it will also bolster the company's rapidly growing services business.

Apple: All iPhone Replacement Batteries Available Now Without Delay: Apple has confirmed that the stock of all iPhone replacement batteries is now available without delay. reports MacRumors cited a reliable source. The company lowered the price of battery replacement to $27 after it disclosed that it slowing down some older iPhone models to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

Apple's Chief Designer Jony Ive Reveals Apple Watch Origins: Apple chief designer Jony Ive was interviewed by Hodinkee this month to talk about the origins of the Apple Watch, which he revealed that Steve Jobs had no particular interest in watches, shortly after Jobs passed away, the team begin to design Apple Watch. In additon, Ive also shared the inspiration to create such device, the future of Apple, and more. Read the full interview by click here.

Other news including Apple to participate in Pilot Program allowing expanded drone usage, Walmart's Jet.com becomes ffficial Apple Authorized Reseller, and Apple begins to ban Apps that share location data with third parties.

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