Jun 21, 2018

Bloomberg Expects That AirPower To Be Released In September

Even though Apple has promised that AirPower will be available in 2018, a specific date wasn’t given to us. However, a new report from Bloomberg indicates that the wireless charging mat will be released in September alongside three new iPhones.

The report further pointed out that AirPower actually runs a stripped down version of iOS, which means that it can manage power and complex circuitry, and simultaneously communicate with the iOS devices, Apple Watch and AirPods that are laid on it, as it can support three devices charging at once.

As reported an article earlier this year that the accessory may face heating problems: when the testing personnel begins charging three devices on AirPower at once, it will suddenly get hotter. Bloomberg has backed up on the rumor.

The company has long-term history to perfecting a product rather than rush to launch it the right way. So, we have wait another three months for the charging mat, even though we heard that it will cost $249.

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