Jun 27, 2018

Morgan Stanley Analyst Expects iPhone X 2 Price Starts At $899, X Plus At $999, And LCD Model At $699

This fall, Apple is expected to release three iPhones that use the design elements of iPhone X, they are basically identical in appearance to the iPhone X and support the Face ID feature. There have been multiple reports claimed that this year's price tag of the upcoming iPhones will be lower than expected.

In a new research note, the renowned analyst of Morgan Stanley Katy Huberty also gave the same expectation. Hubert estimated that the upcoming 5.8-inch OLED version (the immediate successor of iPhone X) will start at $899, which is $100 less than the iPhone X. The 6.5-inch OLED model (iPhone X Plus?) starts at $999.

Of course, it's the starting price, if you choose a higher storage version, the 5.8-inch OLED version will cost $ 1,049, while the 6.5-inch OLED version will be priced at $ 1,149. As for the 6.1-inch LCD version, which will use a single lens and drop 3D Touch support, Hubert expects the starting price of the model to be between $699 and $769.

If Apple sets the starting price of the three new iPhones to be higher, that is, the 5.8-inch version starts at $999, the 6.5-inch version starts at $1,099, and the 6.1-inch version costs $799, which means next year's iPhone's average selling price will rise by 7.2%.

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