Apple Is Now Being Sued For Infringes Patent To Develop The 3D Touch Feature

Toshiyasu Abe from Vancouver, Washington, has filed a lawsuit against Apple this week in the District Court of Oregon. He believes that Apple’s 3D Touch features on the iPhone and iPad infringe on his own patents.

Abe holds a patent No. 6520699. The patent was approved by the USPTO in February of 2003. Like most patents, the description of this patent is very detailed. In brief, the patent mentions "user interface devices" of "a plurality of buttons displayed on a touch-sensitive screen", with "each button is being associated with a plurality of characters or functions."

There are many illustrations in the patent, including the mobile phone in the vehicle, a physical trackpad on a laptop or a steering wheel, and each control has multiple pressure-sensitive geometry buttons.

The litigation documents mentioned that as early as 2009, Apple knew Abe's patent. Abe said that he had conducted many emails with Apple and made at least one call with the company’s legal department, but no agreement was reached (Via MacRumors)

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