Jun 4, 2018

Apple Announces iOS 12 With Major Siri Updates, ARKit 2.0, Performance Improvements, Grouped Notifications, And More

At the WWDC 2018 event held today, Apple officially announced the latest iPhone operating system- iOS 12. iOS 12 will significantly improve performance and is compatible with all iOS 11 devices. The apps launch speed 40% faster, the keyboard popup speed is increased by 50%. It also jet-packed many features as well.

iOS 12 updated with the new ARKit 2.0, and ARKit 2.0 supports new tracking, rendering, and object recognition. The company also created its Own AR Measuring App Called ‘Measure’. Plus, the tech-giant also unveiled new USDZ augmented reality file format.

The iOS 12 PPhoto app includes new search suggestions. Location searches can include business and museums. Also, the iOS 12 photo app adds "For you" tab, which displays memories, looping photos, and more. New Sharing Suggestions feature meanwhile essentially uses AI to suggest people with whom you might want to share your photos

The Siri Shortcuts feature makes it easy for users to create various Siri commands. Shortcuts will allow users to connect many third-party apps to Siri to greatly streamline voice controls. Not only that, you can also be creating your own Siri commands.

Serval apps are also updated with major redesigns like the Stock app and Voice Memos. Third-party map apps are also coming to CarPlay system.

For Messages and Facetime; group video call is coming to Facetime that allows up to 32 people connected at the same time, new Memoji’ personalized animated emojis coming to iOS 12, and Animoji characters are gaining more.

Lastly, there will now be a Do Not Disturb during bedtime feature to help stay in bed. They also launch a new app called "Screen Time," offering deep insight into app usage. And unveiled grouped notifications.

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