Apple Plans To Partner With Cartoon Saloon For An Animated Film

Apple may be producing its first animated film as it inked a deal with Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon. While the company also working on a series of original television shows, with the latest two being a drama series about Child Journalist Hilde Lysiak, as well as a series called "Little Voices" from producer J.J.Abrams.

Currently, it’s unclear how Apple make the film available, and it will be online only or in theaters. But one thing for sure is that Apple is aiming to secure distribution rights, despite the talks have not yet finished, meaning that the deal could still fall apart.

It's unclear how Apple plans to make the movie available, but a theatrical release, necessary to qualify for Academy Awards, is possible, one of the people said. Apple and Cartoon Saloon had no immediate comment on Thursday.

So far, the iPhone maker has secured as many as 16 tv shows, in the future, we won’t be surprised to hear that a new show will be added to its content library. It’s expected that Apple could release the first show in 2019 at earliest. So we will have to wait and see!

Image Via 9to5Mac

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