Apple Announced iOS 12 To Have Life-Saving Feature When Placed A 911 Call

Apple has officially announced that a new life-saving feature in iOS 12—first responders will be able to access location data “securely and automatically” when iPhone users placed a 911 call once they updated their iPhones to the latest operating system.

According to Apple, the feature is implemented with privacy in mind, which means that user data can’t be used for any non-emergency purpose, the feature is only limited to the responding 911 Center to access the user’s location during an emergency call.

Apple has teamed up with firm RapidSOS to offer the life-saving feature that will be integrated into iOS 12. It can make emergency location sharing faster and more precise compared to the current 911 technology that Apple implemented it.

At present, it’s said that the feature will provide to all iOS 12 users in the United State for free. Compatible devices that are support iOS 12 includes iPhone 5s and above. Visit the Newsroom for more information

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