Jun 15, 2018

Apple Introduces Brand New "Behind The Mac" Ad Campaign

Apple introduced a brand new Mac ad campaign today, Behind the Mac. The series of advertisements show the creators that "make something wonderful" using a Mac. According to Apple, the goal is to highlight how users continue to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation with the Mac platform.

Currently, the campaign has four commercials. In the first advertisement, some ordinary users who used the Mac as an accessible tool were described. The other three segments have different protagonists from different industries.

One of the examples is Peter Kariuki, an app developer from Rwanda, who uses the Mac to program his own SafeMotos app. It allows safe motorcycle taxi drivers to communicate with passengers. it can also monitor motorcycle riders on the road to detect unsafe driving habits and help them become better riders."

Another one is being Bruce Hall, a photographer, disability advocate, and a legally blind man. He uses his Mac and iPhone to help see things. Some of Hall's works are permanently collected by the Library of Congress.

Bruce Hall is a legally blind photographer, teacher, and disability advocate. Hall lives in Santa Ana, California and exhibits his photography internationally

The Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division purchased a portfolio of photographs from Hall’s Autism in Reflection series for their permanent collection.

You can view these videos down below.

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