Jun 5, 2018

Here Are Hidden Features And Changes In iOS 12

Apple has announced iOS 12 on the WWDC Keynote yesterday, the latest operating system that's designed for iPhone and iPad jet-packed many features. And now we have discovered some little tidbits that the company didn’t cover during the event...

First of all, Apple has tweaked iPad gestures in iOS 12 to brings iPhone X-style gestures. Once users updated to iOS 12, they’ll be able to swipe down from the top right of the iPad to bring up Control Center, as well as swipe up from the dock and brings up the Home screen.

Secondly, when Face ID fails to recognize you in iOS 12, you can simply swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone X to get Face ID to scan again, without having to tap or press another button first. You can now also set up for multiple Faces in Face ID setting.

As for Apple Music, you will be able to search for songs by lyrics in iOS 12. There are also couple changes in the Artist pages, whereas it displays larger artwork and a new "Play" button that plays an artist's entire catalog of songs.

Furthermore, we know that Apple introduced grouped notifications, but did you know that there are options to customize Notification Grouping for all of your apps: you can set it to Automatic, By App, and Off. There’s also a new setting allow notifications show up only in the Notification Center but not the Lock screen.

Apple’s iOS 12 enables Siri to be more customizable—Siri Shortcuts, which allows users to create their own Siri commands, that's capable of support any app. The virtual assistant now can answer questions related to famous people, food, lookup passwords, and more!

Other features and changes including a new iOS 12 wallpaper, a new Control Center shortcut for scanning a QR code, one-time Password Autofill, the ability to set custom durations for the Forward and Back options in Podcast, richer battery info, and so on.

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