Apple Now Accepting HomePod Orders In France, Germany, And Canada

Five months following the official launch of the United State, United Kingdom, and Australia, Apple now officially accepting HomePod orders in France, Germany, as well as Canada.

Still comes in the white and space gray two colors, HomePod prices in France, Germany, and Canada are 349 euros, 349 euros, and 449 Canadian dollars. Users can either choose to order directly through the Apple Store App,, or they can choose to go to the retail stores and third-party authorized resellers to purchase it.

Apple recently brought software updates to the smart speaker and added support for Siri in French, German, and Canadian English. Canadian French support will come later this year. HomePod should also enable Stereo Paring and multi-room audio once user updates it to the 11.4 version.

Nevertheless, HomePod has received a lot of queries since its release, and most of the skeptical voices believe HomePod is overpriced. Analysts and supply chain sources have predicted that Apple will develop a cheap version, perhaps a Beats-enabled speaker in a light of hope to use it compete with rivals such as Amazon Echo.

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