How To Share Your Passwords To Other Devices With AirDrop In iOS 12

Nothing resembles more futuristic and Star Trek than making AirDrop to instantly beam pictures, videos, contacts, Voice Memos, Map locations, and more to other devices. Now, with iOS 12, Apple introduced a way to let you share a password between devices with AirDrop. Here is how to do it.
  1. Go to the Settings app on your Home screen
  2. Scroll down until you see Passwords & Accounts
  3. Then tap on the Website & App Passwords. 
  4. From there, tap on the password field whatever your account is
  5. Choosing AirDrop and select a nearby device

Once you have AirDropped the password to a nearby device, the password will go straight into the same Passwords section in Settings, or a site that matches your chosen account, from there, you should notice the option to update it or cancel the process entirely.

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