Apple Supplier Largan Precision "Confirmed" Triple-Lens Camera Coming To iPhone Next Year

Largan Precision, well-known lens manufacturer and the sole supplier of iPhone cameras. told DigiTimes that next year, there will be a large-scale shipment of 7P lens and 5P periscope lens. Triple-lens cameras will also become the focus of competition for manufacturers, which they hinted that Apple would adopt the triple-lens camera system next year.

The so-called 7P lens is not the iPhone 7 Plus camera we are talking about here, instead, it's called seven plastic lens pieces, which can bring several improvements to the camera, such as greater aperture, and another periscope structure can give the phone stronger optical zoom capabilities, and so on.

The most attractive part is the triple-lens camera, Huawei's P20 will prompt other phone manufacturers to quickly follow suit. Phones equipped with three lenses not only provide greater optical zoom performance, but also provide a better AR experience, after all, in the depth of recognition, its efficiency is certainly higher than dual-lens. 

At the same time, it's believed that Largan Precision is advancing the production of triple-lens camera modules, and it is expected to start large-scale production next year. So could that suggest Apple is asking them to produce the triple-lens camera?  What do you think?

Image Via iDropNews

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