Jun 6, 2018

Hidden Features And Changes In macOS Mojave And watchOS 5

Apple has announced macOS 10.14 and watchOS 5 during the WWDC Keynote on June 4th, the latest operating systems that are designed for Macs and Apple Watches. And now we have discovered some little tidbits that the company didn’t cover in the event...

The MacOS Mojave, which will be released later this year, will be the last version to support 32-bit apps. As early as 2007, Apple released OS X Leopard, the first Mac operating system to support 64-bit apps. According to Apple, macOS High Sierra released last year is the last macOS to support 32-bit without any compromise.

Safari now finally support for favicon in tabs, means you’ll see a website’s icon directly in its respective tab. Although some people think that this will only further confuse the tabbed interface, if you open many tabs, it can assist you to a website more easily. However, favicons are disabled by default and can be enabled via the Safari Preferences settings.

Other new macOS Mojave features including a new Lock Screen design with bigger image and font, custom accent colors that will take the result on menu button clicks, Software Update moves to System Preferences, instead of via Mac App Store, new DVD Player app that gets Touch Bar controls and a new icon. and will no longer support system-wide Facebook or Twitter logins.

As for watchOS 5, Weather app now shows UV index and wind speed data, and can now add cities to Weather and World Clock app, another neat change is that you can now to manually connect the Wi-Fi networks, while iOS 12's grouped notifications feature also applies to watchOS 5.

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