Jun 13, 2018

Apple Watch: More Carriers Supporting Series 3 LTE Model, Apple Releases watchOS 4.3.2 Beta 2

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE model owners can now have more carriers to choose from for your cellular network coverage. Prior to that, customers in the U.S. were able to add plans offered by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Now, C Spire and US Cellular also start to offer it.

Both C Spire and US Cellular offer Apple Watch Series 3 customers a free three-month LTE network coverage. However, when the trials ended, C Spire will charge $10 per month for the plan, whereas US Cellular's plan will cost $4.99/month. So, apparently, the latter will charge less money.

Speaking into Apple Watch, Apple has released the second beta of an upcoming watchOS 4.3.2 update to developers. As always, developers are able to download and test the beta with dev beta profiles once you obtain from the Apple Developer Center, then going to Watch app and click on General-Software to complete the action.

Nothing new discovered in the update, we expect it focuses on bug fixes, deliver speed improvements, and patch security issues. Since the watchOS 5 first beta already being tested, Apple will likely to put some weight on the next-generation of the platform for Apple Watches.

Image Via Macworld

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