New iPhones To Use Next-Generation Of Face ID With Much Better Reliability, As Dual-SIM will be Exclusively Available For iPhone X Plus

According to a supply chain source, who has predicted that three new upcoming iPhone models will be sporting with a new generation of Face ID technology, and there is no obvious change in the module size. Instead,  the main focus is on the algorithm processing—expected that there will be a 300% boost in reliability.

The source has also talked about the dual sim, a feature that’s specifically made for the Chinese market, which will be exclusively available for the high-end “iPhone X Plus” models. Additionally, The source claims that the device is already in production at the assembly line.

Apple is widely rumored to introduce three new iPhones this year: a second-generation of iPhone X model that looks identical the current model, a high-end and 6.5-inch OLED version called iPhone X Plus, as well as a low-cost LCD model that is measured at 6.1-inch.


Source: IT168

Image Via AppleInsider

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