2018 iPhones May Only Support Third-Party 18W USB-C Chargers That Has USB-C Authentication

It's widely believed that this year's iPhones will offer a USB-C to lighting charging cable and an 18W USB-C power adapter. A new report today says that if users choose to purchase a third-party charger, they may not be able to get a fast charging experience.

Japanese blog Macotakara quoted sources from multiple supply chains as saying that the fast charging experience of the new iPhone can only be accomplished with USB-C Authentication certificated chargers. In other words, even if the charger can provide 18W of charging speed, iPhones will limit the charging speed to 2.5W except the charger has USB-C authentication.

It should be emphasized that this does not mean that users can only use Apple's charger. Currently, the USB-C authentication standard has been supported by more than 50 companies. However, don't expect to buy a third-party charger to get a fast charging experience on the iPhone, but rather check it before you make a purchase decision.

A report last week said that due to supply limitations, the 18W USB-C charger for the new iPhone will not be available for purchase at the beginning of the launch or not being sold separately.

Image Via Pocketnow

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