The Upcoming 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone Will Be Available In Black, Yellow, Orange, And Blue

Earlier this month, well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi released a new report saying that Apple plans to introduce some new color options for the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone. Now, Japanese site Macotakara also reported that Apple will release the iPhone in a variety of colors.

Kuo initially stated that the 6.1-inch iPhone will have color options such as gold, gray, white, blue, red and orange. However, Macotakara said its supply chain sources hints that the 6.1-inch LCD model may have white, black, flash yellow, bright orange, electric blue, taupe, or gold.

This is similar to the colors offered by the iPhone 5c, which has choices of green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. Interestingly, Macotakara did not mention that Kuo's prediction that the 6.1-inch iPhone will introduce a red color, but Apple may postpone this color until the first half of next year, just like this year's iPhone 8.

Regardless, this year's 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may be Apple's first iPhone follows the iPhone 5c with a variety of color options to choose from. This is reasonable because the iPhone 5c is priced petty low much like the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone price range.

Speaking to the LCD iPhone, Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty said in a report today that she believes the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone may not be launched until October. The main reason for the delay is the device's innovative backlight system encountered production problems, which is believed to be key to the near-bezel-free design.

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