Apple Discards The Entire Doorbell Category From Its HomeKit Accessories List

It appears that all references to HomeKit doorbells have been removed by Apple for some reason in a recent HomeKit accessories list update. However, only the August Doorbell Cam was listed under the category, as it says "Coming Soon", We think that August may already abandon the platform support, so there are no doorbell products listed under the category.

Video doorbell support was first introduced when Apple announced the arrival of the Home app for iOS 10. The company says that when people receive a Home app alerts, they would be able to watch live feeds, use an intercom, and even unlock their door, etc.

August and Ring, though promised to upgrade their doorbells soon, yet, there weren't any software updates have been available for years. The latter even reiterated its commitment to upgrade Ring Pro and Floodlight after Amazon's acquisition, despite Amazon's Alexa is a rival of the smart home platform.

Apple has not commented on the matter by the time we posted this article.

Image Via CNET

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