Future Apple Watch Will Remind You When To Add Sunscreen, New Patent Reveals

We have reported a series of rumors and patent applications regards to Apple Watch, which suggest that Apple has a greater ambition for the future of its wearable devices. This week, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued another Apple patent linked to Apple Watch, which enables users to use Apple Watch as a reliable tool to prevent sunburn.

Originally filed in December 2017, Apple's "Light-based Shielding Detection" patent details a state-of-the-art sunscreen detector that can be used with portable devices such as the Apple Watch. The patent doc states that although sunscreens are characterized by a sun protection factor (SPF), the efficacy of a particular product ultimately depends on several factors—such as how much sunscreen is applied, the sunscreen's waterproof, and even the wearer's skin sensitivity.

Apple says that the method can provide more detailed inspections in darker environments, such as occluded outdoor bathrooms. Using camera lenses and augmented reality, it can create an image or video to show any unprotected skin area that is detected, giving users a deeper understanding of which areas of their skin need care.

Notwithstanding, this is still a patent application, so like other Apple patents, we are not sure when it will be used on Apple Watches.

Image Via Cult of Mac

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