India May Ban iPhones If Apple Continues To Refuse To Add The Do Not Disturb App To The App Store

According to the India Today, the India Telecom Regulatory Authority TRAI has recently introduced a new policy requiring all smartphones to pre-install an app called Do Not Disturb (DND 2.0) in order to connect to cellular carriers for internet access.

However, Apple has prohibited DND 2.0 from entering the App Store due to privacy risks,, which means that India's iPhones may not be able to use 3G, 4G networks or even sell properly. For those who aren't familiar with the matter, DND 2.0 is an anti-spam app that blocking harassing phone calls and messages.

As for why it has not been reviewed by the App Store and can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store, Apple believes that the app would collect the user's call and Message records, infringing on personal privacy. If Apple continues to refuse to launch the app in the App Store, all iPhones in India will become worthless "bricks."


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