First Apple Watch Jailbreak Tool "JelbrekTime" Released For Developers

Though Apple has done its best, jailbreaks on Apple operating systems continues. Developer Tihmstar has released a jailbreak tool for developers using Apple Watch Series 3. Although it doesn't make much insight to users, there are some things worth noting. (Via Wccftech)

The jailbreak is designed for watchOS 4.1 and Apple Watch Series 3. The old versions are also compatible, but some minor modifications to the code are required. For developers, the jailbreak was touted as "almost complete jailbreak." It provides a root file read/write and many other features that developers want:

-Exploits kernel using v0rtex
-Gets tfp0 and stores it to hsp4
-Applies h3lix kernelpacthes
-Remounts / as rw
-Extracts bootstrap.tar

However, as the jailbreak tool itself is not open to the public. Instead, its purpose is to give developers a deeper understanding of watchOS and understand its capabilities. Installing this tool does not mean that users can magically access Cydia or anything similar to the device.

In the future, it could give users the ability to install custom changes, such as UI adjustments, custom watch faces, and more. Interested users can go to GitHub for more information, but bear in mind that this tool is for developers, which regular users should be cautious about it.

Image Via iClarified

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