How To Only Display News From Subscribed Channels In News App's 'Today' Section On iOS 12

Every time when opening the News app on my devices, the Today page always appears first, and I am annoyed by the fact that it shows sort of news that I don't really care about it. However, I found a solution that prevents it from happening, and will only display news from channels that you subscribed. Here is how to enable that!

  1. Tap on the Settings app from your devices' Home screen
  2. Scroll down and click on the News section
  3. Once you are in the section, scroll down and toggle on Restrict Stories in Today
  4. And from now on, News will be only showing news from channels you have subscribed
This gives a way to clean up and tweak the Today page, so you don't have to peak at the political news but rather articles that fits your taste. Of course, you can also block channels via a tap on the little sharing button for the specific source, after a window pop up, click on Mute Channel.

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