Rumors: Images Of New iPad Pro Case Shows A Cutout On The Back, Future iPhones To Use LTPO Screen For Better Battery Life

Slashleaks has shared a photo of a suspected 10.5-inch iPad Pro case with a mysterious cutout on the back, located at the bottom of the back of the iPad Pro. The cutout apparently shows a long strip that is on a horizontal line with the Lightning connector.

A recent report from the Japanese website Mac Otakara stated that Apple wanted to move the location of the Smart Connector from the side to the vicinity of the Lightning connector. The case seems likely proved the rumors. Previously, CAD images of the iPad Pro also had this mysterious cutout, and how do you suppose to use Smart Cover?

A new research note by IHS Markit hints Apple could make a fundamental change to the backplane of its displays, plans to move away from the current low-temperature polysilicon thin-film transistor (LTPS TFT) used in mobile AMOLED panel production, resulting in a contribute to longer battery life on those devices,

IHS Markit explains that the future iPhones would use low-temperature polycrystalline oxide LTPO backplane, which will essentially save 5-15% in power consumption versus LTPS, which means it should greatly improve battery life on future iPhones, as well as allows for a higher-resolution display to be fully functional.

As Apple did deploy OLED screen on the Apple Watch, then on iPhone X, the research firm believes Apple use the display technology first on its Apple Watch, later on gradually introduce it in the iPhone display. However, we don't expect Apple to adopt it in devices for a few years at least.

Images Via MacRumors

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