Australia Teenage Boy Pleaded Guilty Of Hacking Apple's Server And Downloaded 90 GB Of "Secure File"

Apple's security measures have always been outstanding, but recently it was disturbed by a "high school student." The Age reported that an Australian high school student repeatedly hacked the Apple server and successfully downloaded 90 GB of what was called a "secure file", and the teenage boy also visited customers' account data.

The boy is currently 16 years old and has been hacking for a while, and his access rights are said to include "authorized key", which granting users login access rights". Apple finally found unauthorized access and reported it to the FBI, later the Australian Federal Police (AFP) joined the investigation because of the hacks was based in Australia.

The high schooler is said to have a reputation in the hacker community, where he used VPNs and other tools to avoid being tracked, but Apple's system records show a serial number of the MacBook used to perform the attack.

The teenage boy has now pleaded guilty and will be sentenced next month. The student’s lawyer said that the boy did hack because he was a fan of Apple and wanted to work at Apple. Now it seems that everything is unlikely.

Image Via Ars Technica

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