TSMC Is Said To Be The Sole Supplier Of Apple's A13 Chips For 2019 iPhones

According to industry analysts, TSMC will remain to be the exclusive supplier of Apple's A-series chips next year. The 2019 iPhone will be powered by the A13 chip. Since 2016, TSMC has been the sole supplier of the A-series chips, wins all orders of the A10 Fusion chip for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and A11 Bionic chip for iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X (Via EE Times).

"As long as TSMC continues to offer something new at leading-edge every year and continues to execute well on yield, I could see Apple remaining sole source on foundry at TSMC for years to come," Arete Research analyst Brett Simpson said in an interview with EE Times.

The A12 chip for the 2018 iPhone will also be made from TSMC. TSMC's packaging technology is superior to other chip manufacturers, including Samsung and Intel, so it's not surprising the "A13" chip continues to be manufactured by TSMC in 2019.

Now when it comes to how will this affects customers, Apple's industry-leading mobile chip design and TSMC's continuous packaging improvements will definitely benefit future iPhone performance, battery life, and RAM management, etc.

Image Via Wccftech

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