Sep 4, 2018

Report: At Least Two Of The 2019 iPhones Will Come With Triple-Lens Rear Camera System

The 2018 iPhones have not yet been officially released, and the rumors for the 2019 iPhone are already surfacing. According to a Taiwan's Economic Daily News report, the iPhone models to be released next year will have the biggest rear camera upgrade in Apple's history next year as it would comes with new 3D sensing technology.

It states that the two OLED iPhones that will be announced in 2019 are likely to adopt triple-lens rear camera with ToF 3D sensing technology, whereas the LCD version is also likely to upgrade from single-lens to dual-lens. No doubt, it will bring innovative augmented reality (AR) capabilities and better imaging performance to the new iPhone.

Huawei's P20 is the first smartphone that featured with the triple-lens rear camera system, so it's believed that the Chinese smartphone vendor will inspire other phone manufacturers to quickly follow suit. Phones implemented with triple-lenses not only provide greater optical zoom performance but also provide a better AR experience.

Well, at least we now somewhat know that Apple will launch three new iPhones next year, just like this year's lineup: two OLED models and one LCD version. We can also expect the 2019 iPhones will come with an A13 processor and triple-lens rear camera system.

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