A New Report Suggests That The 6.1-Inch LCD iPhone To Be Called iPhone Xr

Based on various rumors and leaks, we basically know the names of the two new OLED iPhones this year, namely iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. However, the naming of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone has not been determined, though we reported yesterday that Romanian carrier Quick Mobile says it likely to be called iPhone 9.

Nevertheless, a report by VentureBeat indicates that the 6.1-inch iPhone may be called iPhone Xr, despite that Apple never used Max and Xr. At the same time, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, who believes that the name iPhone 9 is unlikely, and the company will instead choose iPhone Xr.

Additionally, the name “iPhone Xr” has been circulating as the supposed title of the 6.1-inch budget iPhone model, which will sit below the iPhone Xs but above the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in Apple’s lineup. Like the “Max” name, this one is hard to swallow given that “Xr” hasn’t been used in an Apple product before, and apart from coming earlier in the alphabet than “Xs,” doesn’t have an obvious meaning. Like the Xs Max, the Xr name should be taken with at least a grain of salt for the time being.

This year's three new upcoming iPhones are expected to adopt iPhone X-style design: a notch at the top for Face ID and Animojis, bezelless screen, and no Home button. Meanwhile, iPhone Xr will be priced at $700-800, iPhone Xs for $900-1000, and the iPhone Xs Max for $1000 or more. All iPhones to feature with A12 processor, increased battery life, and more.

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