Apple Seeks To Integrating AR Features Into The Maps App, According To Job Listings

With the fast-growing development of AR technology, Apple is investing more and more in this area, its finished goods are Animojis, ARKit for develops AR apps. the new Measure app in iOS 12, and the new AR format called 'USDZ' made jointly by Pixar, specifically for storing AR images. Now the company is in the works of AR Maps.

According to Thinknum, from August 11th, Apple has added a new job related to 'AR Application', and in the following weeks. It happened that Apple also looked for a product architect for the Maps team in July, and also explicitly stated the expansion goals of AR in the job description, which means Apple is seeking to built-in AR features to the Maps app.

Currently, the main data provider of Apple Maps is still Netherland's TomTom. However, due to the controversy over the past few years, Apple also hopes to try to 'reconstruction' the Maps app, including improvements to the map data that are collected from Apple Maps Vehicles, which is currently being provided to users in California.

Also, AR capabilities would further enhance the competitiveness of Apple Maps, and future navigation system for autonomous vehicles. This is not something new, companies like Google, Snapchar are advancing its AR maps app, after all, it’s not surprising at all for Apple to integrating AR features to the Maps.

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