Sep 8, 2018

How To Use The Trackpad Mode On Every iOS 12 Devices

On 3D Touch-Enabled iPhones, Apple introduced Virtual Keyboard, a feature that you'd press a bit harder on the keyboard to turn the whole virtual keyboard into a trackpad. You can either select text or if you make a typo, just move the cursor to the typo, and change it. However, with iOS 12, any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices can now use it.

  1. Open an app that you can use the keyboard
  2. Click on the space bar on the keyboard
  3. Now, it turns into a trackpad, whenever you move your finger, the cursor moves
  4. You can either select text or moved to cursor to where you made a typo
  5. That's it
The feature, however, is better replacements of the text selection feature - Select All. What's more interesting, is the fact that the feature now can be activated on every iOS 12 devices. Yet, it makes me wonder that is this the first sign that Apple will remove 3D touch on iPhones in the feature since rumors that this year's 6.1-inch LCD iPhone won't include it.

Image Via 9to5Mac

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