iOS 12's Siri Shortcuts Feature May Not Support On Older iOS Devices Like iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

As an important feature of iOS 12 and the major evolution of Siri in the future, Apple has shown Siri Shortcuts to everyone on WWDC 2018. Siri Shortcuts allows you to create your own voice commands, it also integrated into many apps. For instance, you lost a key, "Add to Siri" will appear on Tile app, so when you ask the virtual assistant "I lost my key", it will be automatic alerts you.

In iOS 12 betas, users can experience some of the features of Siri Shortcuts, and when the official version goes live tomorrow, Siri Shortcuts will become a standalone native app. However, the problem is that Siri Shortcuts seems to have high requirements on majority devices, which means some iOS devices may not be able to get full features.

Developer Federico Trevisani found that Siri Shortcuts was running out of system resources on older devices and was unable to perform at least one of its feature. In his email discussion with Apple Software Engineering SVP Craig Federighi, he said that despite Apple’s efforts to provide new features for as many devices as possible, but it's necessary to compromise on the overall performance of the old devices.

So it basically confirms that Siri Shortcuts will not be able to support older iOS devices, and the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are among them. Because Siri Shortcuts requires deep integration with Siri and higher speech recognition processing, the processor requirements are high, so even with iOS 12's promised better performance boost, it can't make the hardware faster.

Image Via Engadget

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