Geekbench Benchmark Reveals iPhone XS And iPhone XS Max Have 4GB Of RAM

iPhone Xs and Xs Max will be available for sale next week, and now when it comes to the performance comparisons between A11 (iPhone X) and A12 (iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR)., the performance improvement of A12 does seem to be somewhat better, according to Geekbench benchmark score.

The benchmark shows that both single-core and multi-core performance beats A11 thanks to the 4GB of memory on iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Meanwhile, iPhone XR to continue ship with 3GB of RAM but with the A12 processor. However, it only beats A11 in single-core score, as the multi-core score even worse than the predecessor.

The A12 is featured with a 6-core design with a 2.49GHz frequency, which Apple calls it the world’s first commercial 7nm chip. With 690 million transistors, the A12's neural engine is capable of calculating 5 trillion operations per second compared to the A11's 600 billion, along with its 50% of faster GPU speed.

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