As iPod touch Turns 11, We Ask That Will Apple Ever Update The Device Again?

iPod touch, a stylish, modern touch-screen device that Apple introduced in 2007, it's the closet iPhone alternative. As the last device in the iPod series, the iPod touch has been around for a long time and guess what, it's officially 11 years old now since the 1st generation of iPod touch was announced on September 5th, 2007.

Prior to iPod touch was announced, the iPod achieved incredible success and really changed Apple and the world. It was the product that transformed Apple from a computer company into a consumer electronics company. But, shortly after the iPhone came out, the iPod seemed to be completely replaced overnight.

However, just as the world put all eyes to the iPhone, Apple has chosen to bring new technology back to its music player lineup, so the iPod touch was unveiled. Like the iPhone and unlike an iPhone, the iPod touch also has a multi-touch display and, most importantly, it use the same operating system as iPhone have. When connected to Wifi, the device can do almost anything the iPhone can do, and it costs much less.

Though iPod touch can't compete with the iPhone anyway, that doesn't mean iPod touch is a failed product, nor is it a superficial 'copy' of the iPhone. iPod touch is not the last breath of the Apple Music Player series, but rather act as the final cheer.

Apple has updated the iPod touch as many as six times, and every update brings major new features to it, and keep it at a lower price tag. From iPod touch 1 to iPod touch 6, Cupertino has continued to make it thinner than other Apple products. iPod touch 6th, for example, is still the company's thinnest ever product.

As iPhone and iPad become extremely popular, the profits generated by the iPod are less and less. Apple no longer lists the iPod as an important item in the quarterly earnings report and moved the iPod to "Other "category. Like Apple Music, iTunes, HomePod, and other music accessories, iPod touch is just a small part of the "Music" department.

However, despite the fact that no refresh has been available for three years, there are few rumors that Apple is considering the possibility of a seventh-generation iPod touch, which is said to include Face ID, but so far we have not seen such a product debut. I suspect Apple could introduce the new iPod touch next year, or not at all.

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