Sep 4, 2018

Kuo Says 2019 iPhones Will Not Support Fingerprint On Display Technology

According to well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that iPhones to be launched in 2019, will not support the so-called fingerprint on display technology, a technology that will allow you to fingerprint unlock your iPhones.

In the meantime, Apple will continue uses Face ID as the biometric authentication method in the iPhone and iPad. Though Android phones supported fingerprint on display as early as last year and despite Cupertino filed couple patents related to the technology, Apple will not be integrating the feature whatsoever.

All main Android brands currently treat FOD as the important function to differentiate themselves from iPhone (we expect 2H19 iPhone models will not support FOD). The reasons are as follows: (1) The user feedback on the iPhone is lower than expected. (2) The user feedback on the first FOD smartphone, Vivo's X21 FOD version, is higher than expected, and (3) FOD is the best fingerprint recognition solution for the full-screen design which is necessary for a high-end smartphone.

Kuo notes that so far the limiting factors are the lack of support for high-end OLED screens and not mid-range LCD screens. It definitely makes sense since Apple will improve the technology over time, it will rather wait for some improvement than rush to announce it. Apple’s biggest rival in the smartphone field, Samsung, rumors to support fingerprint On Display technology for its upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship models.

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