Oct 1, 2018

Apple Introduces 'Everyone Can Create' Curriculum, Available For Free On Apple Books

At the press event held in March this year, Apple previewed its free curriculum Everyone Can Create. Now, the Everyone Can Create curriculum is officially available on the iBooks store and can be downloaded for free on Mac, iOS, with more languages support in the future.

Everyone Can Create curriculum includes courses such as Editing Movies, Creating Music, Painting, Photography, etc. to inspire people's creativity. Apple said that the Everyone Can Create is designed to make people more creativity in technology, not just a few subjects.

“We believe Apple technology can help unleash every child’s creative genius,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. “Working closely with teachers, we have built the Everyone Can Create curriculum to help bring creative expression and the arts into the classroom, and to help students stay engaged through creativity and ultimately be more successful.”

Apple pointed out that the focus of the Everyone Can Create course will be locked in music, film, photography, painting, coding, etc., so that teachers and students can develop ideas via edit movies, music, and photography, At present, Apple says there are more than 350 schools around the world have adopted the curriculum.

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