Oct 11, 2018

Apple Says 53% Of Devices That Introduced Last Four Years Are Running iOS 12

According to Apple's official App Store support page for developers, 53% of devices that introduced last four years are running iOS 12, while 50% of the all devices powers by the mobile operating system. However, we are not clear why the iOS installation rates are being broken down in a new way, perhaps related to app support age.

As for the iOS devices released in the past 4 years, the iOS 11 installation rate is 40%, and the earlier iOS versions' adoption rate is 7%. Among all active iOS devices, the iOS 11 installation rate is at 39%, whereas 11% of the iOS devices running earlier versions such as iOS 10, iOS 9, etc. A year ago, iOS 11 was only installed 38.5% of devices, it wasn't until November that the system reaches a 50% adoption rate.

The major reason that people are updating to iOS 12 due to the fact that it brings huge speed improvements, especially on older devices like iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. For example, swipe for the camera and bring up keyboard are 2 times faster, and share sheet could invoke instantly.

Also, there are fewer bugs than iOS 11 once had, though it caught to have a couple of bugs, such as devices won't charge until you tap the screen, overall, no major issues whatsoever. Besides iOS 12 brings popular features like Group Facetime, Digital Health tool called Screen Time, animated emoji called Memoji, Siri Shortcuts for creating custom voice commands, etc.

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