Oct 16, 2018

Apple Could Introduce The 'Spoofing Call Blocker' Feature On iOS 13 Next Year

Apple recently filed a new patent, which will help users to recognize a robo or scam call with a loud sound or vibration, this could means that Apple intends to add "spoofing calls filter" to the iPhone in the future, perhaps they may bring this feature in iOS 13 next year.

According to the patent document description, iPhone will automatically check the number in the huge database after receiving the call to confirm the identity of the caller. This feature would improve the accuracy by analyzing the information of the incoming call, including some device identifiers (Unique Device ID), determine if it's scam or robocall.
A mobile device receives an invitation to commence a media session. The invitation may be from a legitimate caller or from a spoofing caller. The mobile device checks parameters using templates to evaluate a consistency of the invitation with respect to a database in the mobile device If the result of the evaluation is that the message is spoofed or the likelihood that the message is spoofed is substantial, then a warning is provided to the called party,
We would expect Apple to bring this feature as early as next year, it may added along with other iOS 13 features like the Home screen redesign, dark mode, etc. Google, however, already introduced the spam filter feature called Screen Call feature for its new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL, enable users to avoid robocalls and scam calls.

Image Via ConsumerAffairs

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