Oct 4, 2018

Apple Named Interbrand World's Most Valuable Brand, Six Years In A Row

This week, Apple was named the world's most valuable brand in Interbrand's 2018 Best Global Brands ranking this week, marking Apple's sixth consecutive year in the position. Thanks to the revenue record and that its Market Cap hits 1 trillion US dollar, the Cupertino headquartered company is able to maintain the spot this year.

Apple's Interbrand valuation rose 15 percent to $214.5 billion, beats Google ($155.5 billion), Amazon ($100.7 billion), Microsoft ($92.7 billion), and Coca-Cola ($66.3 billion. Both Apple and Google two companies have been holding the top two positions over few years, but Amazon #3 position is new as its stock price been went up storgingly.

Not surprisingly, Apple didn't make to top 5 in Top Growing Brands, as Amazon led the category with 56 percent growth, followed by Netflix (45 percent), Gucci (30 percent), Salseforce.com (23 percent), and Louis Vuitton (23 percent). However, last year's champion Facebook didn't appear in the list since its privacy issues that's ongoing

To check the cumulative value of the brand, Interbrand considers the financial performance of the brand's products and services, the role of the brand in influencing customer choice, and the brand's ability to achieve high prices.

Image Via Intelboards

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