Apple Registered Several New Mac Models In Eurasian Database, Likely To Launch It Next Week

According to the French website Consomac, Apple has registered a number of tablets and Mac models at EEC, which means that at the 30th press event, we are likely to see the new Macs and the new iPads without any questions whatsoever.

The new registered Mac models include: A1347, A1418, A1419, A1481, A1862, A1993, A2115, A2116, A1466, A1534, A1708, A1932, A1989, A1990. Though some of these models already exist, it were updated in the database to match the new macOS Mojave, and indicates that they comes with the operating system designed for Macs.

The Eurasian database file describes the new desktop Macs as an "Apple Personal Computer" running the latest macOS 10.14 system with model identifiers A1993, A2115 and A2116, which have not been appeared on the Apple lineup before.

Apple will hold a press event in New York on the 30th of this month and launch a new entry-level 13-inch MacBook that may replace the MacBook Air. Other Macs to receive update are Mac mini, which has not been updated for more than 1400 days, and the new iMac, which has not been updated in 505 days. Finally, new iPad Pros with redesign and Face ID.

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