Source: First 5G iPhone Would Be Released Next Year, Starting At $1,299

The 5G standard has become the next focus of the smartphone industry, many cellular carriers are beginning to support 5G in major cities, and smartphone makers are already preparing and deploying 5G technology, but Apple seems to be late to the party, however, a Taiwan supply chain source tells us that the first 5G iPhone would be released next year.

The iPhone XS/XS Max and XR released this year don't support 5G networks, so that leaves a chance to 2019. According to the source, Apple is already planning to launch 5G iPhone and is expected to be released in the third quarter of 2019. It will likely to use Intel's 5G chip considers that the current bond between Apple and Qualcomm seems to be way conflicting,

When it comes to the price, the 5G iPhone may be cost even higher, starting at $1,299, that's $100 higher than this year's iPhone XS Max starting price. The source says that since Apple self-developed GPUs and processors, the company would launch self-developed baseband modern rather sooner than later, but it will just take time.

In theory, 5G can deliver speeds that are twenty times faster than 4G LTE. 4G LTE has a peak speed of 1GB per second; which means that 5G is able to achieve speeds of 20GB per second. Not only that but the 5G standard also capable of replacing your home wifi connection.

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