Jony Ive: Apple Watch Is More Like A Powerful Computer Than A Watch

Apple Design Chief Jony Ive was interviewed by the Financial Times today, during which he discussed a range of topics, including Apple Watch, Apple Park and Apple Car. When asked if the Apple design team was the last employee to move into the new Apple Park, Ive said that it took a lot of time for 9000 people to move in.

At the same time, Ive holds the belief the original Apple headquarters has full of memories, over the decades of history, the prototype of the iPhone & iPod was created at the old HQ. Once the design team moves to Apple Park, they can communicate better with other experts.

When it comes to the Apple Car, Ive's mouth is very strict. In general, Ive said it is important to study the issues and challenges associated with any new product, rather than talking directly, which endangers the risk of ideas and technology being copied by competitors.

When asked if Apple Watch should be defined as a watch. Ive said: "No, I think that this is a very powerful computer, with a range of very sophisticated sensors, that is strapped to my wrist. That's neither very descriptive nor very helpful." The designer-in-chief also stated that Apple knows the consequences in both positive and negative, and will take the responsibility.

Image Via Time

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