Leaked 2018 iPad Pro Icon Confirms The Tablet Will Not Include The Notch And Home Button

As early as the fifth beta of iOS 12, there was an icon in the operating system that was speculated as an indication of the full-screen iPad Pro image. The iPad icon shows it has no Home button and the notch, but the icon at the time was small and it was not clear, so today 9to5Mac's Guilherme Rambo leaked an icon that's bigger and purer looking.

You can clearly see the iPad Pro design that's without the Notch and the Home button. However, it is somewhat disappointing that the bezels of the full-screen iPad Pro seem to be somewhat wider than the iPhone XS and XS Max, though it's likely for the use of hiding notch. The sleep/wake is still on the top but rather on the side, unlike the new iPhone models.

Other things we can expect on the new tablet are a USB-C port instead of Lightning port to charge and transfer data, an LCD screen, Face D support with the new TrueDepth camera, A12X bionic chip, a new custom Apple graphics chip - the first time in iPad history, and finally a new updated Apple Pencil that could be paired like the way to pair AirPods.

We are just a few days apart from Apple take the stage in Brooklyn, New York, to unveil new Mac and iPads. The theme of the event is "making," and it will take place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, to marks the future outcome of Apple's tablets and computers.

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