The Difference Between Haptic Touch And 3D Touch Explained

Apple replaced 3D Touch with Haptic touch on the upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone XR, which goes on sale on October 16. So what's is the difference between Haptic touch and 3D Touch? The good news is that, in theory, it allows you to get the Quick Action menus on the display just like 3D Touch, and in an effort to reduce the cost of iPhone XR.

In a way, 3D Touch technology was wasted by Apple. 3D Touch is popular with many users, but it has not been really promoted except for getting Quick Actions on supported app icons, previewing in files, URLs, and photos in the Photos app.

3D Touch works well because the iPhone's screen is sensitive to the pressure, so it can identify the amount of force the user presses and give different feedback based on the strength. Unfortunately, the iPhone XR's display does not support the pressure sensitivity, which means it does not recognize the force of the user pressing the screen.

Therefore, Haptic touch rather needs a long press with vibration feedback. Many people who have hands-on the iPhone XR have said that Haptic touch can do most of the function that 3D Touch does. Does this mean that 3D Touch is being replaced by Haptic touch? This is hard to tell. The 3D Touch feature is still available on the iPhone XS, nevertheless, rumors suggest the innovation would be removed on next year's iPhone models.

Image Via CNET

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